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About Us

The Office of International Affairs: a window opened to the whole world
In the globalization trend of the 21st century, only those with globalized thinking and communication skills can meet the demand of global markets. STUST has been doing its best to foster the right talent for globalization, with the purpose of establishing a global status that can, "stand firm in Taiwan and look to the world." To attain our goal of entering the global market, OIA, originally the International Exchange Division, was made independent of the Office of Research and Development in January 2009. Ever since, OIA has been dedicated to initiating international strategic alliances, creating an international environment, governing matters related to international affairs, and assisting each department in holding international events.

Positive steps towards internationalization and connection with world-class elite universities
Over the past few years, STUST has been actively seeking to establish a variety of programs through cooperation with internationally renowned universities, so that our students can have the opportunity to study abroad. Currently, STUST is proceeding with sister school agreements with 244 universities in 32 countries, including Austria, Czech, Croatia, Estonia, France, Germany, Holland, Poland, Hungary, Romania, Spain, Switzerland, UK, Danmark, Canada, Peru, Paraguay, US, New Zealand, Australia, China, Indonesia, India, Japan, Korea, Mongolia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, and Malaysia. STUST is now also working with many universities worldwide in offering dual diploma programs, providing students with a broad selection of overseas programs for juniors, and advancing various exchanges and cooperation. Approximately 500 of our students have studied abroad in these programs so far. In addition, STUST has been actively inviting outstanding scholars and professors from overseas universities as guest lecturers and administering teacher exchange with overseas sister universities. While scholars and teachers come to STUST to teach, do short-term research, and organize international seminars, they not only invigorate our teaching and learning activities with new ideas and knowledge but also enhance our competitiveness and expand our perspective in a global context.

Enrollment of foreign students as a way of campus internationalization
Actively recruiting foreign students is one of the key objectives of the international exchange. STUST has recruited a number of excellent scholars and teachers to Taiwan for its All-English graduate programs, including GMBA, Electrical Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering. STUST also features a Chinese Mandarin Center, which offers a multiple course plan for international students from more than 20 countries and regions, such as Japan, Indonesia, India, Croatia, Bolivia, the United States, Thailand, Peru, Malaysia, the Philippines, Vietnam, Mongolia, Austria, Cambodia, Estonia, Romania, Swaziland, Singapore, Macau, and South Africa. There are now approximately 270 international students in STUST. In addition, STUST has created an enhancement plan and many supporting measures for international students, in order to improve their living and study experiences. Along with the implementation of a partnership system, international students are invited to join a series of "International social activities." To give international students a deeper understanding of Taiwan's customs, STUST also regularly hosts activities to celebrate important traditional festivals in Taiwan, such as the Ghost Festival, the Dragon Boat Festival, and the Mid-Autumn Festival. Other programs and activities, such as "Cultural Tours for International Students" and an "International Art Festival," have been organized to allow international students to appreciate the beauty of Taiwanese culture. International students are encouraged to introduce and share their cultures with teachers and students here. All these have been implemented to realize the concept of internationalization on campus, and to achieve the goal of turning the campus into a global village. Furthermore, OIA provides international students with employment counseling, playing a matchmaking role to help them find a job in certain overseas factories of Taiwan enterprises.

In addition, in order to attract more international students and to enhance their understanding of Taiwanese culture, STUST organizes the "Chinese and Taiwanese Culture Experience Camp" on a regular basis, which integrates three major short-term experience camps: "Learning Chinese Intensively," " Understanding Taiwanese Culture," and "Experiencing Taiwanese Traditional Arts."

Vision for the Future
STUST has made great steps towards international development. In the future, there will be a greater number of plans and programs for promoting synchronized and asynchronous distance learning, All-English programs, dual diploma programs, overseas internships and student exchanges. Moving towards its major goal of education: Take the lead and be the best, STUST will bring its faculty and students together to meet an internationalized future.

International Exchange Center (S312)
To provide international students a comfortable place to relax after class, STUST created an International Exchange Center, particularly designed to have the atmosphere of Southeast Asia resort. International students can feel at home to talk with local students and learn from different cultures and languages. This is a great place for them to communicate and understand each other.