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Academic Year-103



Advised by MOE, Taiwan on December 29, 2014, shall any STUST’s student, faculty and staff would have a plan to visit India from December 2014 to January 2015, please must pay close attention to your own safety.

Shocked and sadden about the two incidents happening in Sydney, Australia on December 15, 2014 and in Peshawar, Islamic Republic of Pakistan on December 16, 2014, both related to the ISIS terrorists, and due to US President Barack Obama’s coming for the Indian national celebration in January 2015, Indian government already reported that the entire county stays on high alert towards terrorist attack.

Herewith, from the period of December 2014 to January, 2015, if any STUST’s student, faculty and staff would have a plan to visit India, please pay attention to your own safety and avoid entering any complicated areas. In particular, you should always be alert when you enter the crowded areas, such as the stations, the business districts, the schools, etc. Meanwhile, please bring the emergency contact information with you for the emergent contact and immediate assistance. The contact information is follows: Taipei Economic and Cultural Center in India +91-9810-502-610 or Ministry of Foreign Affairs +886-800-085-095


Darby Liao


STUST library Wednesday Cinema will playMidsummer Formula(真夏の方程式)at 15:30 November 5th, 2014 this week.


The library
Wednesday Cinema will play Midsummer Formula (真夏の方程式)at 15:30 November 5th , 2014this week. Welcome to the LibraryMovie Appreciation Roomon the 12th floor to watch the movie.

Midsummer Formula (真夏の方程式)is a 2013 Japanese policeprocedural film directed by Hiroshi Nishitani. Based on the novel “ Detective Galileo” by KeigoHigashino. Manabu Yukawa (Masaharu Fukuyama) is invited for a presentation on Submarine Mineral Resources Development in Harigaura. He stays at an inn. Manabu meets Kyohei who came to the inn, which is run by his aunt's family, forsummer vacation. The next morning, Tsukahara, who is another guest at the inn,is found dead on the bank of a port. Manabu becomes involved in the case.

The library Wednesday Cinemais free for you. Welcome to the Library Movie Appreciation Roomon the 12th floor to watch the movie.


Trustee Board Member of Dai Nam University, HaNoi, Vietnam Visits STUST


 描述: G:\IMG_9296改.jpg

[Group photo for both university delegations]

Because the alumni of the Dai Nam University, HaNoi, Vietnam, reporting her great learning experiences in the GMBA program and the high-quality learning environment at STUST, Member of Board of Directors of the Dai Nam University, HaNoi, Vietnam, Ms. Cao Thi Hoa, along with Dean of School of International Cooperation and Training, Mr. Nguyen Luong Long; Director of Office of International Affairs, Mr. Nguyen Viet Anh; and Lecturer of Department of Public Relations and Communications, Ms. Le Thi Lan, came visit STUST on October 24.

 描述: D:\Office of International Affairs\越南\姊妹校來訪\2014 河內大南大學\pix\formal meeting\IMG_9271.JPG

[VP Lu was giving the opening address and expected to have a deep cooperation between two universities]


Vice President Dr. Deng-Maw Lu, along with his colleagues, met with the distinguished guests personally in expectation of future academic cooperation. With our outstanding performance in the execution of the Teaching and Learning Excellence Project and that of Paradigm Technical Universities evaluated by Ministry of Education, VP expected to see the exchange and cooperation between STUST and Dai Nam University. Ms Cao, representing Dai Nam University, mentioned the similarities of both universities: Aiming to train students workable for the industries right after graduation, and hoped to work together for cross-cultural education.

  描述: D:\Office of International Affairs\越南\姊妹校來訪\2014 河內大南大學\pix\formal meeting\IMG_9285.JPG

[After the meeting, both universities exchanged gifts to deepen the cooperation]


After a campus tour to the STUST library, Yohas, facilities of College of Business, and Southern Taiwan Science Park (STSP), Ms Cao realized the promising future with the uniqueness of STUST’s location, seeing the similarities in striving for thoroughness between the two universities, and wishes to have a long-term academic and exchange agreements for both teachers and students in the two universities.

Academic Exchange and Possibility of Cross-Cultural Education




Hello All:

We have an introduction seminar of internship, 10/22 10:00am~1140am in S708.


Darby Liao


2014 Southern Taiwan University of Science and Technology international student orientation.



Roger Yang


Dear all,

The following message is from Office of Academic Affairs for those who speak Vietnamese. If you are interested in teaching Vietnamese in Taiwan, you might want to take this language test. For more information, please check the document below.



Academic Year-102



Taiwan Hostfamily Taiwan



Welcome To Join Us! 
The foreign students will meet their host family for the first time. After the event host family will take foreign students to experience more Taiwanese life style. The event will start on 8-9 at 12:30 pm in National Science and Technology Museum. 




Taiwan Hostfamily Taiwan




Dear all foreign students, we are the Taiwan Hostfamily Program Office, Taiwan Hostfamily office invites foreign students to join this event on 7-05 at 9:40 AM gathering-Front Exit at Taoyuan Train Station and host family and their new family member will then use this event to know each other and share their story in Taiwan. After the event host family will take foreign students to experience Taiwanese life style, we hope that you can take time to join with us:) 

PS:The Deadline on (7-2)

And you can download the application form and send me back soon:)

Thank you!



Taiwan Hostfamily Taiwan


Dear all foreign student, we are hostfamily program and we have a new tour coming on 6-28 in Taichung. We hope that you can take time to join with us, and you can apply from this address....let's join with us:)



Vsa Ncku 



The first time in TAIWAN, you can enjoy the most Vietnamese eating style - STREET FOOD with a lot of delicious food ever. So just set yourself free and enjoy~~~~~



Darby Liao


Dear all,

Call It Friendship, My Buddies in Taiwan Call For Stories!!!


Darby Liao 


Dear friends:

Starting from this coming Fall Semester, STUST undergraduate international degree programs of International Business and Finance will be available!!! Application deadline: April 30, 2014. More detailed information, please visit English website: https://www.stust.edu.tw/en




Darby Liao


Dear friends,

Volunteers for English speaking for Self-Study period (from 8:00 to 8:40) to Grade 6 of Daciao Elementary School are wanted again for next semester. Students had a great time, thanks for Eric Vo and Mirek Kysely and Marko Novak's help for last semester. Since Eric, Mirek and Marko also love the kids very much, they decided to continue to do the volunteering teaching or sharing (I should say) for next semester. The content of the class can be either culture and customs of your home country, or anything you want to share with the students. If you are interested in joining this program, please contact me by email (darby56@mail.stust.edu.tw) or leave message on fb so i can contact you later.

Day: Either Thursday or Friday (let me know which day of the week is ok for you)

Time: 8:00-8:40

Place: Daciao Elementary School

It is a great opportunity to know the teachers and principal at Daciao since connections are important in Asian society.

Thank you and have a nice winter vacation!!!






Hi dears, Chinese New Year is around the corner. We will have a Chinese New Year party on January 27, 2014 to invite all of you to celebrate and being together with us.


Schedule shown as follow,

Part A

13:10-14:00 Introduction of Chinese New Year

14:00-15:10 Paper cutting

15:10-17:00 New Year Scrolls

17:00-17:30 Auspicious Words

Part B

17:30-17:45 Address from President Tai

17:45-20:00 Reunion Dinner


In case you are interested in, please confirm by saying +1, also stating when you will join by “A” or “B” or “AB”.

(A for Part A, culture experiencing; B for Part B, Reunion Dinner; AB for joining the whole activity)


This year, we’ll distribute everyone a ticket for joining the party (for free), and have our President Tai to give red envelops to all the international students.


(Red Envelop and card is special designed)

Besides, we’ll also like to invite students to perform during reunion dinner; any kind of performance is great to perk up a feverish ambiance. Please send me private message if you want to perform, we’ll also give performers gifts to appreciate the effort you put.








come and join us,
1. Batik Fair and Workshop
Date : Friday, nov 22nd, 2013 
Time : 13:00-17:00
Place: National Cheng Kung Multifunction Hall - NCKU Student Activity Center
(Kuang-fu Campus)
2. Main Event
Date : Saturday, nov 23rd, 2013 
Time : 18:00-21:30
Place: National Cheng Kung Hall - NCKU Student Activity Center
(Kuang-fu Campus)

Indonesian folklore, folk songs, dances, & local instrument,
also Indonesian food & doorprize.
check it out!

Presented by,
Tainan Indonesian Student Union




Mario Moreno



Hi guys!

I know now It's a bit to early to announce it but I have to do it.

A company that takes the graduation picture has asked the office if we want to take the picture this semester, however only a few students will graduate or leave this semester. It's our choice to decide if we want to take it this semester or next one. the best option would be to take it next semester but I'd like to hear some opinions too.





Darby Liao


Dear friends,

Volunteers for English speaking in the Self-Study Class (from 8:00 to 8:40) to Grade 6 of Daciao Elementary School are wanted, the content of the class can be either cultures and customs of your home country, or anything you want to share with the students. If you are interested in joining this program, please contact me by email or leave message on fb so i can contact you later.

Day: Either Thursday or Friday (let me know which day of the week is ok for you)

Time: 8:00-8:40

Place: Daciao Elementary School

It is a great opportunity to know the teachers and principal at Daciao since connections are important in Asian society.

Thank you and have a nice Moon Festival!!!





Darby Liao


We are looking for another Education Counsellor to promote Study in Taiwan and since STUST will be one of the schools we would like to work closely in the future, I am thinking of offering this opportunity to your alumni.


If you know any of your alumni (Thai nationals only) who will be interested in the post, please ask them to email me directly at mk@jnj-int-ltd.com

Ming Kai Chang

Managing Director

JNJ International Ltd



Academic Year-101



Darby Liao


Dear friends,


Please find the attached admission information, the application for 2014 Spring Semester Admission has started from now to Dec. 15, 2013. Meanwhile, online application is also available: https://portal.stust.edu.tw/intstudweb/





Taiwan Hostfamily Taiwan


 http://oia.stust.edu.tw/Sysid/oia_en/10206.jpg http://oia.stust.edu.tw/Sysid/oia_en/1020601.jpg

Hi every international student in STUST: Do you want to have a special summer vacation in Taiwan this year? Please do not miss our summer activity on Aug. 17th~18th!




Win Kany




All international students are studying at stust.
Content competitions: Men's doubles, Mixed doubles, and Women's doubles
Time: 10:00AM to 6:00PM on June 1st, 2013 at Yohas
This message to all International students of Stust to register. 
To register you need to pay a fee of 100NT.

And remember to mark your content that you will compete.

- First Prize: 500NT + Certificate
- Second Prize: 300NT + Certificate
- Third Prize: 200NT+ Certificate

Deadline to register on 27/05/2013 
I wish all participants a successful competition!

P/s: Please DO NOT bring any beverage other than Water in YOHAS

Register here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AgZJbKObUPawdEFCVzFjcWs1ZEUybXV1YmdtYlJhTGc#gid=0





Chiao-Hua Lin 

Dear all,

The 2013 International Dragon Boat Competition will be held in Anping from 8th to 12th of June. Registering ends in 7th May. It requires 23 to 27 people on one team. Each people can only join one team. If you are interested in the 2013 IDBC, bring the name list of your team members by this Thrusday and contact me for more info.





Taiwan Hostfamily Taiwan 


Hello guys, we are going to hold an interesting Southern Taiwan Cultural Activity on Apr. 13. join us and let's experience Taiwan culture together!
looking forward to see you on Apr. 13!




Darby Liao 

2013 Chinese New Year Activity!





Darby Liao


Dear friends,

For 2012 Fall students who can come to OIA to apply National Health Insurance (NHI) card, please bring one picture (same as ARC picture will do) and sign your name on application form and let us scan your ARC to print out as supporting document.





1219 ·

Dear Friends,
This Friday, Host Family Program they has the certain activity (I don't really know about detail)
But!!!! the one who join will get free lunch box. 

"Friday, 10-12am, Room L008, lunch box" 
Who wanna join, Please fill the information to the form


Thank you





James Nguyễn 

2012 STUST Halloween party






Darby Liao


Dear friends,

2013 Spring Semester online application is available from now till Dec. 15, 2012, please log-on https://portal.stust.edu.tw/intstudweb/ to fill out the application.

Mr. Darby Liao
Email: darby56@mail.stust.edu.tw
Office of Int'l Affairs, 
Southern Taiwan University of Science and Technology (STUST)





Chiao-Hua Lin 

A warm welcome to our 2012 Fall exchange and CLC students!





Amornrat Srichuchart 

Message from Cai Lao Shi

Dear all: 
Long time no see. I really miss you very much.
Please see the attached file for details.
If you join the pre-test, you might have the chance to join free Chinese proficiency test in November. So please go to the website to register it. Thanks a lot! Take care!

Best regards,




Academic Year-100



Darby Liao 

2012 Youth Trek Taiwan

We invite youth 18~30 years of age worldwide to share with us their best Taiwan travel ideas. If you submit one of the best entries, we will hand you a cash award of US$2,000~3,000 to help turn your Taiwan dream into Youth Trek reality! Your 10-day or longer itinerary should reflect a spirit of personal discovery and enthusiasm for Taiwan - the nation at the dynamic crossroads of Asia and the Pacific. Entries may be submitted in English, Chinese, Japanese or Korean. We will choose 13 of the best entries for awards of US$2,000 to US$3,000 each!

Entry Requirements:
1. Basic applicant information (including photograph).
2. Taiwan travel itinerary of at least 10 consecutive days in length.

Application Period: now until September 30th, 2012.
Travel Dates: your itinerary must begin between October 15th and November 30th, 2012 and finish up before December 11th.
China Airlines is offering special promotional airfare rates to Youth Trek participants.

Please submit your information and itinerary ideas to: hottaiwan801@gmail.com 
For more information, check us out on Facebook:HotTaiwan or call Ms. Liu directly at 886-2-2735-8778 ext. 14






ready to be the winner





Krissapon Chai



Dear Juniors & Seniors, (Graduation Party 2012)

Time's getting closer to the real day of Grad's Party, to complete this event. We decide to close the Registration on May 28th, 2012 (Monday).

Moreover, we will provide the "Sign-In Registration" for Seniors and Juniors as below;

1st Round: May 30th, 2012 (Wed), Time: 6.00 - 7.00 pm., Locaiton: Lobby

2nd Round: May 31st, 2012 (Thurs), Time: 6.00 - 7.00 pm., Locaiton: Lobby

*** Poom Pui Huang Shan Krissapon Chai , we will wait for u at lobby due to the provided time.

*** Seniors: Free for the party's ticket
*** Juniors: Only 350 NT / person. 
(Normal Rate of this hotel's buffet is about 780 NT per each)

Remark: Please don't forget to present your ticket in the event. Otherwise, you would not be able to enter the event. Finally, I really would like to Thank you all you, especially, the juniors who registered, (more 20 juniors).

I'd like to thank you on behalf of all the Seniors who would nearly graduate. You guys are so nice to all of us. Wishing you all the best in ur future as the seniors in next year. See ya on that day of Grad's Party !!!





Krissapon Chai


Congratulation Mr.President "Larry Andre Cajucom" ....

We wish you all the best !!! All the great things are waiting for you brother !!

And Thank you everyone for tonight, it's such great time !!!





Krissapon Chai


Dear Current Stuters (Both Juniors & Seniors)

We are now doing the "Stuters's Email Cleaning Week 2012" !!!

1) For those who have changed the email address !!! ***(At present, you are now using only the new email address). Please kindly update your new email address to me (Krissapon Chai) !!! I will add you into the STUT's lists.

2) For this special case !!!, I really need you guys's support... Please kindly ask your friends, room-mates, classmates who are now studying at STUT as the international students whether they receive our school's mail and ISA's mail or not ?!? If they never receive any emails .... Please ask them to contact me.... I will also add them up to our school's email lists.

Remark: Please do understand, this is very important and useful for everyone. At least, you will know what are the coming events and activities here.

Especially, for the 2nd case, please kindly help your friends out !!! motivating them to update themselves to the community !!! We are here !!! Thx a lot man !!!





Krissapon Chai



Dear my friends 

Hello everyone .... due to "Valentine's Day", I would like to make a wish on behalf of ISA's team.... "Wishing you guys have great love, successful life, especially good luck for your thesis and enjoy with your thesis advisor !!! " ... ha ha 

As some of us already graduated and went back to their countries during the past few weeks.... We (ISA) would like to send you guys the "Yearbook_Batch 2012" as the Valentine's Gift.... Hope you guys will enjoy and like it 

PS. I would like to thank you everyone for your cooperation to make this happens.... Furthermore, I also would like to give a big credit & thank you very much to my ISA's team-mates, "Poom, Jay, Son" and especially for "Big Mike" for the great artworks. Thank you very much for ur great support bro & sis ....

Take care ya'll and have a great Valentine's day 2012 peeps !!!

Link for downloading:https://www.mediafire.com/file/prabn8ixmrxyqq1/STUT_Batch

(File's size is over the Hotmail's limitation, so u have to download from this obove link)

Best Regards,

This yearbook might not contains for every person in our school. We have already tried hard to follow one by one as much as we could, but we deal with many people.... and it depend on people's cooperation.... so hoping this would be fine for u guys 





Darby Liao 

Chinese New Year Party will start 5:30pm tonight at Dorm 6 second floor, please join us even you haven't registered. But at 3:00pm you can come for Chinese Language Center's Chinese writing activity.





Darby Liao 

Dear friends,

Starting from 5:30pm today, Student Affairs Office will organize a Merry Christmas activity in front of Dorm 6, Indonesian students will sing songs. Snack will be provided too, go and have some fun!





Darby Liao 


Let me have the running relay name list (both girls and boys). The semi-final and final will be Dec. 10, get ready by 10:30. I will be there in front of Dorm 6. The director of physical education center told us to practice. If girls teammates are not enough for 20, then i have tell the director in advance.





Dell set to launch public cloud service



Dell will launch its first cloud infrastructure service later this year through a partnership with VMware, continuing its push to move beyond PCs and into higher-margin software and services.


The service will be based on VMware’s vCloud platform and delivered from Dell’s data center in Plano, Texas. Customers will be able to rent compute and storage capacity on a pay-as-you-go basis, or on longer-term contracts that include reserved or dedicated hardware.


Dell will also offer consulting services for companies to build private clouds in their own data centers, also using vCloud. And it will offer to build “hybrid” clouds using VMware’s Connector software, which links private and public cloud environments.


The moves will intensify Dell’s rivalry with IBM and Hewlett-Packard, which are also building public cloud services. And they will put Dell into competition with service providers such as Amazon Web Services, Verizon Business and Terremark -- some of whom are also its customers.





Japan Trade Minister Quits After Radiation Gaffe


Japan’s new trade minister resigned Saturday over a remark seen as insensitive to nuclear evacuees, dealing a blow to a government that took office just eight days ago in the hopes it could better tackle the daunting tsunami recovery.


"A series of my remarks caused serious distrust among the poeple, especially the people of Fukushima," Yoshio Hachiro said at the news conference. "I seriously reflected on my remarks, and I made the decision to step down."

Noda, Hachiro, and other government ministers were visiting the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear power plant Thursday when Hachiro made his verbal gaffe. He called the desolate evacuation zone around the plant "a town of death" and later told reporters he just meant to convey the seriousness of the situation and his commitment to decontaminate it so residents can return.

According to local news reports, he also joked with journalists, saying, "I’ll give you radiation," referring to radiation on his clothing during his visit to Fukushima might be contagious.

With Hachiro out, Noda will now have to find a quick replacement to lead one of the most powerful ministries in Japan. The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry oversees a vast portfolio of policies—including nuclear energy—and is a key player in reviving Japan’s slumping economy.




Drinking over recommended limit raises cancer risk


Drinking more than a pint of beer a day can substantially increase the risk of some cancers, research suggests. The Europe-wide study of 363,988 people reported in the British Medical Journal found one in 10 of all cancers in men and one in 33 in women were caused by past or current alcohol intake.


More than 18% of alcohol-related cancers in men and about 4% in women were linked to excessive drinking. The study calculated that in 2008 current and past drinking habits were responsible for about 13,000 cancer cases in the UK, out of a total of 304,000 cases.


Previous research has shown a link between alcohol consumption and cancers of the oesophagus, liver, bowel and female breast.


When alcohol is broken down by the body it produces a chemical which can damage DNA, increasing the chance of developing cancer. Of the cancers known to be linked to alcohol, the researchers suggest that 40% to 98% occurred in people who drank more than the recommended maximum.